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Meet our Buford Academy Front Office Staff -- 2021-2022

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Office Staff

Front Office Procedures

At Buford Academy we are dedicated to the  safety of our students. For this reason, we ask that you use the following procedures when entering the BA campus. The only acceptable entrance to the campus is through the front doors and entering through the office.

Checking in Late/Tardy

If your student is tardy, the student needs to sign in on one of the two School Check In computer stations in the front office. A tardy pass will be automatically generated for the child to take to his/her homeroom teacher for attendance purposes.

Parent Visits/Volunteers

All persons visiting inside the school campus are required to sign in on one of the two School Check In computer stations in the front office. A name badge will be automatically generated. Visitors and Volunteers are required to wear these badges prominently to be easily identified. Persons not wearing a badge may be asked to return to the front office to check in.

Checking out Early

If you need to check out your student prior to the end of the school day, you must sign out your child on the office check out sheet. Be prepared to show photo identification EVERY time. Please, remain in the office while your child is paged in their classroom and they will be sent to you in the office. If you need to go to your child's room to retrieve any item, you will need to check in as a visitor. There will be no checkouts after 2:45 pm.  Students will need to be picked up through the car rider line after that time.