Federal Programs

 Buford Academy is a Title 1 school which means we are part of a federally funded program. This program is designed to help all students to receive an excellent education and meet academic standards.  BA offers many services and programs in order to help improve the education of all of our students.
Title I Contact ​Liaison: Andrea Kiep -- [email protected]
Digital Family Engagement Resources
We encourage our parents and students to visit our Wolf Wall page found within our school website.  On the Wolf Wall are many different links that the students can use to further their education and parents can use to assist their child's learning.  Click the link below to see the different links we have made available to our students.
Federal Program Feedback Form -- Your opinion matters to us!
If you have any comments, ideas or suggestions for us to improve our Federal Program, we would like to hear it.
All parents, students, and community members are invited to be a part of our Federal Program Planning Team.  This team usually meets once in May to review/revise Federal Program parent involvement documents and funding for the year.
Parents are also encouraged to complete all parent surveys. Surveys allow parents to offer us feedback regarding how we can best assist them in supporting their child.
Federal Program feedback (positive or negative) can be given at anytime.  Please contact Andrea Kiep for additional information.

[email protected]

Click HERE to visit the BA CCRPI Report!
Click HERE to visit the BA Student Achievement Report
​School System Financial Transparency Bill
The following link provides a one stop location to view financial information on each school district in Georgia.  


​Information provided in the link:

  •        Page 1 – Financial Overview
  •        Page 2 - System Revenue Summary
  •        Page 3 - System Expenditure Summary
  •        Page 4 – Expenditures by School and Facility
  •        Page 5 – Per Pupil Expenditure